What kind of hair does Dellish Hair sell?
We sell Raw Cambodian, Raw Indian and Virgin hair.

What is the difference between Raw hair and Virgin hair?

Raw hair is in its pure state, untreated and it comes straight from the donors head. The hair has only been washed with shampoo, and made into wefts. All bundles are therefore different because not every donor has the same hair. Raw hair will last up to 2-3 years with good care.

The real texture appears after washing the Raw hair. With Virgin hair hot steam is used to create different textures.

Virgin hair will last you up to 1 year with good care. Of course, Virgin hair is much cheaper than Raw hair, but is also made with high quality hair.

How many bundles do I need for a full head?

Our bundles are very full!
For a full head, we recommend 2 bundles for lengths till 18″.
Longer then 18″ we recommend at least 3 bundels, 4 for extra volume.

For Example:
If you want a natural full look, choose 2 bundles:
1×14 1×16.

If you want an extra full look, choose 3 bundles:
1×12 1×14 1×16.

What type of closures does Dellish Hair sell?
Lace closures, frontals and 360 frontals. The lace closures are only available in Virgin hair texture.
Size of Dellish closures: 4×4.
Size of Dellish frontals: 13×4.
Available in lengths: 12”, 14”, 16”, 18″ and 20″.
Can I wash the hair?
Yes, it is natural hair, therefore it can be washed. Wash your hair once a week with a good conditioner, then leave it in for 30min. Rinse well and let it air dry, always.  So do not dry with heat.
What colour is the hair?
The hair is delivered in the natural hair colour which is often between 1b- 2 (natural brown).

Can I dye/bleach the hair?
Yes, all of our hair can be coloured and bleached as you desire. However it is recommended to apply conditioner after chemicals, as it is natural hair thus needs to be treated with care as well. Always have this done by a professional. If you do it yourself, always use peroxide (developer) of up to 9%. Do not place the hair in foil and do not use any heat on the hair during processing. It is recommended, after dyeing the hair, to use a deep conditioner. We recommend always to let the hair sleep in the deep conditioner. So at least 8 hours, this will make the hair really smooth. After rinsing always let the hair airdry naturally.

Can I use heat on my hair?
Yes, as it is natural and pure hair. This also counts for the curly hair, it can be straightened and can easily revert back to its curl patern after a good wash. However, it may be that the pattern will loosen up a bit with much heat. Always use a heat protective spray that you can buy at any drugstore. After using heat always, apply a small amount of any kind of hair oil (argan oil).

What is the shipping policy?
Dellish Hair ships orders using PostNL. All orders require a 1-2 days processing time.
International orders need 1 to 2 weeks to be delivered, depending on your country and custom clearance.
Dellish Hair sends packages during business hours only. (CEST, timezone)

Where is Dellish Hair located?

What are the business hours? 
Monday:          CLOSED
Tuesday:         12:00 – 18:00
Wednesday:  12:00 – 18:00
Thursday:      12:00 – 18:00
Friday:             12:00 – 19:00
Saturday:       CLOSED
Sunday:          CLOSED

For questions regarding tracking, orders etc., we kindly request to ask them by mail (info@dellish.com)

For questions regarding instore stock, call our shop 010-7507978. We do not use Whatsapp.

We do not answer detailed questions on social media (Instagram, Facebook).

Please consider that Dellish Hair is an international company and we receive a lot of emails daily. Give us 24 hours to get back to you.

Dellish Hair will answer your questions during business hours only.